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Whether you are a one person business that provides unparalleled experiences or a global company that specializes in providing experiences, we’d love to hear from you – as long as you have the same passion that we do for our customers, we’d be more than happy to work together in delivering your experiences to our customers.

The benefits of joining our growing network of partners include:

New Customers. We want your business to be successful. Our goal is to provide our customers with great experiences and let them know about unique offerings provided by business owners like you!

Free promotion. We promote experiences that we believe in, and we will not sell something that will leave our customers unhappy. With the passion and intellect of the funsherpa team, we will prioritize our efforts to bring you the most relevant audience – at no cost to you!

Quick payment. As mentioned earlier, we want your business to be successful. We believe in our partners, and want you to keep growing and serve more customers. Our payment terms are one of the best in the industry.

For complete details on partnering with funsherpa, please send an email to
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